June 13th, 2016

Penned by Chief Strategy Officer Dave Corelli.
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If they can make ice cream this big - what else are we capable of?

Sweet Jesus.

This isn’t a religious post. 

That’s the name of one of the hottest ice cream shops near our Toronto office.

The shop is one of the top stops in the city, as the summer weather tickles our souls and makes us yearn for those magical moments shared over a savory soft serve.

But how exactly did an ice cream shop become the talk of the town?

Let’s be real. Regardless of how high quality the ice cream is, it’s still just ice cream. Chocolate and vanilla soft serve.

So what exactly is going on here?

Take a look behind the curtain and this is a shop created not by chefs or foodies, but by marketers. This isn’t just about the food - its about the overall experience and brand persona.

Here is what they’ve done phenomenally well that has everyone asking "have you tried Sweet Jesus yet?"

1 / A Sexy Brand
I couldn’t think of any other word to describe it other than sexy. The name is weird, maybe absurd, yet intriguing. The logo is sharp and modern, like a piece of art you might hang in your home. The product names are ridiculously hilarious and catchy - like Krusty the Cone or Cinnamon Cone Crunch. It’s already worthy of telling people about, before you even step foot in the door.

2 / Eye-Catching, Other-World Creations
The product is a conversation piece and a piece of marketing in of itself. Just take a look at their Instagram profile and you will get a sense of it. Whoa, what is that? Where did you get it? Can I try it? How could you not be tempted to send out a snap to your friends and make them incredibly envious. Maybe Eddie Murphy said it best in his Delirious stand up comedy show - “you don’t have no iceeee cream….”

3 / Line Ups
The shops are very small. Line ups are very typical. One shop doesn't even have an interior - its just a window. As soon as there are 10 people there, it looks like a mass crowd on the sidewalk. Whoa, what’s everyone lining up for? Let’s check that out! Wow, did you see that cone!?

4 / Timing
Spring has sprung. Summer is here. There is a pent-up, ready-to-pop demand for people to consume anything that says, “yes, this is summer. I'm free.” Cue the ice cream man.

This is the new marketing. There is no ad campaign. No 30 second spot. No direct mailer. The essence of what makes the business marketable, is built into the very DNA of the business itself. It’s built to grow. 

And this is the new way of business. A great product alone is not enough. People demand product + experience now be a combined part of your offering. They cannot be separate. 

And if it can be done with ice cream - imagine the possibilities.

/ Corelli